What is Burstcoin?

Burstcoin is a Cryptocurrency that allows quick and easy payments between users anywhere in the world. Transactions are recorded in the blockchain - a publicly accessible ledger that provides transparency and accountability.

Burstcoin is FAST

Transactions complete in approximately 4 minutes.

Burstcoin is SECURE

Transactions are verified by a network of users called miners who check the transactions to ensure their validity.


Burstcoin is run by its community; there are no banks or governments that control or tax the currency.

How is Burstcoin Unique?

Burstcoin is the only cryptocurrency to use the power-efficient Proof of Capacity system to verify transactions. This method consumes less than 1/500th of the energy usage of Bitcoin.

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To verify that transactions are legitimate, the miners carry out a series of calculations called hashes.

In first-generation cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the calculations are carried out in real-time. This is called Proof of Work. It is generally performed using graphics cards (GPUs) or dedicated hardware called ASICs. Both of these components consume relatively high amounts of electricity and are expensive to run.

Burstcoin uses a system called Proof of Capacity. Here, part of the calculations are carried out in advance (called Plotting), and the solutions are read from a hard disk as required. This process uses a tiny amount of electricity and is thus much cheaper to run.

Is it easy to use Burstcoin?


The software required to use Burstcoin is called the wallet. You can download and install the wallet in less than 2 minutes.

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